Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clues in Love-Wilson Deed

Listed below are the clues I found in the Love-Wilson deed.

1. Andrew Love has died.

2. The heirs of Andrew Love are listed, including the wife of one heir, indicating the other two heirs may not be married. All parties live in Crittenden County.

3. Nellie Love, who was married to Andrew Love, died after her husband's death.

4. Andrew Love left a will.

5. During his lifetime, Andrew Love made some contracts which resulted in some claims valued at over $700 against his estate by R.W. Wilson.

6. Andrew Love's homestead was on Deer Creek and was adjoining the property of E.B. Moore, the place where Alex Coleman lived and died, the Tom Moore place and the land owned by __ Bruce, formerly owned by Dick Flanary.

7. The land was being sold by the heirs to satisfy the claims of R.W. Wilson.

Can you think of any more clues?

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