Monday, June 30, 2008

Caldwell County Delinquent Tax List - 1857

The following was transcribed from the original delinquent tax lists, Caldwell County Clerk's Office, Princeton, Kentucky. Men were sometimes released from the payment of poll tax when they became infirm and aged.

A list of Delinquents as returned by Thomas W. Pickering Sheriff of polls for the year 1857.

Joseph Ashley - dead and insolvent
Macey Bond - charged twice
Barnes, Bartus - gone to Christian
Brelsford, H.H. - gone to Kansas
Brelsford, J.M. - gone to Kansas
Crow, Moses - released from Poll Tax
Champion, William - gone to Tennessee
Creekmoor, John - released from Poll Tax
French, Joseph B. - dead and insolvent
Garrett, Jesse - gone to Lyon County
Gore, Eleazer - dead and insolvent
George, James - Released
Hale, Nathan - released
Howell, J.R. - gone to Hopkins
Jenkins, Thomas - blind & released
Jenkins, T.J. - gone to Lyon
Jordan, James - released
Jones, Joseph - released
Lewis, Benjamin - Dead and insolvent
Marquiss, J.P. - gone to Trigg
McCormick, P. - gone to Lyon
Mills, Nathan - runaway
Noland, Larkin - dead and insolvent
Northern, John - released
Oliver, William E. - gone to Trigg
Oliver, James - gone to Lyon
Phelps, Henry - unknown
Robertson, J.L. - gone to Kansas
Robertson, James - gone to Crittenden
Stevens, Elijah - blind
Sigler, Sandford - gone to Missouri
Starling, Israel - gone to Missouri
Stone, W.H. - gone to Missouri
Thurmand, James M. - not found
Walker, G.A. - gone to Missouri
Williams, John M. - runaway
Newsom, Freeman

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