Saturday, June 28, 2008

Subscription School 1861

Schooling was not always required and it was not free. The following item was found in the estate settlement papers of Francis Davis, widow of Terrell Davis. Francis Davis died 1 January 1862 in Crittenden County, Kentucky.

February 7, 1861
Stephen L. Worley agrees to teach a three months School at for [sic] one dollar and twenty five cents a scholar per month. The branches he agrees to teach are arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Natural philosophy, English grammar, reading, writing, Spelling &c.

He also binds himself to attend to the duties devolving upon him to the best of his abilities. We the undersigners obligate ourselves to pay the Sum annext to our respective names.

The Names of the subscribers
G.W. Winders $3.00
I.C. Lucus
Francis S. Davis $6.00
C.C. Cook $2.62 pd. 3.00
Timothy Winders S.B. note
J.J. Arflax paid 1.50
Wm. Flanary paid 1.00
Wm. Barnes paid
W.H. Harmon
John Conditt
James Allison 3.00
R.P. Hughes 1.50
C.S. Grubs S. By Note
F.M. Conditt by note 3.00
Harriet Dickson 3.00

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