Saturday, June 14, 2008

Union County Court Docket 1892

You never know where information will be found. Western Kentucky newspapers are wonderful sources of information, even for events occurring outside the area. The following items on Union County, Kentucky were found in the 25 Feb 1892 issue of the Green River Republican in Butler County, Kentucky.

“The cession [sic] of the Circuit Court which convened at Morganfield [Union County] last Monday has the bloodiest docket ever known in that county. In fact it is unsurpassed by any in the state for several years, except those lawless counties in the mountains.

To the Morganfield Sun, whose editor deeply deplores the dark record of his county, but makes no effort to conceal facts, we are indebted for a brief summary of the criminal docket, which embraces the names of six persons on trial for taking human life: R.Y. Thomas - Mr. Thomas is indicted for manslaughter and trial is set for next Tuesday. Some years ago while Mr. Thomas was editor of a paper at Caseyville, a young man named Elmore became offended by an editorial which was rather of a personal nature; when the two men met a combat ensued in which Elmore was killed and Thomas crippled for life. This case was tried last February, but the jury hung.

Tom David - David is a colored man and is under indictment for the killing of George Carral, another Negro, on Dec. 24th 1890. His trial is set for today.

Ben Catlett - Ben is charged with killing Joe Johnson, at Flournoy on Oct. 25, 1891. Both are Negroes. He is not yet indicted.

Millard Hicks - This man was constable of one of the Union county precincts, and is charged with killing a Negro, Sam Cook, on Dec. 1, 1891[?]. Hicks had gone to where a crowd of Negroes were supposed to be shooting craps on Sunday. Witnesses differ as to all that occurred, but Cook was killed by Hicks.

Henry Talley - Indicted for the murder of Wm. Rice, Dec, 8, 1888. Trial set for today.

Mollie Coffman - This is a white woman and she is charged with the murder of her own child, only a few days old. The crime was committed in Uniontown sometime in December.”

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Taneya said...

I have a crazy fascination with newspaper research - you really learn so much! That Talley surname shows up in my husband's tree - I'll have to take a closer look at Henry Talley :-)