Thursday, February 26, 2009

Runaway Fliver

Even though written as a straight news story, the following tickles the imagination with all sorts of images. For those of you under 80, a “fliver” was another name for the Model T Ford, produced from 1908 through 1927, according to Wikipedia. This article is from the 16 May 1917 issue of the Henderson Daily Journal.

Morganfield, Ky., May 14 - Last night about 10 o’clock Luke Henson was standing on the sidewalk at the corner of Main and Court streets talking to a friend. There were many autos in the street, but he paid no attention to them. Suddenly, one of them, a “fliver,” darted at him, climbed the sidewalk, struck him and knocked him 20 feet.

When Dr. Conway, into whose office he was carried, got through with his examination, he found Henson had a dislocated shoulder, broken arm, broken nose, had numerous cuts about the face and head and was generally bruised.

The autoist steered his machine into the street again and made his escape. Later it was learned the driver was Robert Crooks of Uniontown and he has been ordered to appear in police court Monday morning. Spectators claim Crooks appeared befuddled. Henson is 22 years old.

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