Monday, February 2, 2009

Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation

John F. Baker Jr., author and descendant of The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation - One Family's Journey to Freedom, will speak at Willard Library, 21 First Avenue, Evansville, Indiana, Saturday, 7 February 2009 at 1:00 p.m.

Mr. Baker's book is the culmination of more than 30 years of research. The Wessyngton Plantation in middle Tennessee held as many as 274 slaves by the mid 1800s. The births, deaths and families of generations were documented in the plantation's extensive records. With additional research from archives, DNA, and interviews, Mr. Baker shares his personal journey of discovery in a story of survival and family while presenting a fresh insight into the institution of slavery and its ongoing legacy today.

The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation has just been published and has already been declared "the most exciting work on African American history since Roots."

Reservations for this event are requested, but not required. Call Willard Libary, 812-425-4309, or email There is no charge for admission.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this book yesterday, and submitted a review to Amazon, through the Vine program. I have never read a book more evenly presenting the viewpoint of all sides, or more thoroughly researched. It is outstanding!

sherm said...

Brenda, I just acquired the book and have begun reading it. One of the first pioneers to Robertson Co TN, Moses WINTERS, owned some of the land that was sold to Joseph WASHINGTON, the first owner of Wessyngton Plantation. WINTERS is one of my maternal ancestral lines. I was delighted to find out a little more about him in the book. What I like most about the book is its meticulous documentation, which allows anyone that wants to to go back and check the primary sources. I keep checking WNIN's website to see if their video of the John F. Baker, Jr. interview (taped on Feb 19) has been posted. I called the station and they said it should be posted within a couple of days but it has yet to show up. Thanks for posting this info on your blog.

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

I'm glad you found a family connection. I heard Mr. Baker speak and he was very good and certainly knows his subject. He is speaking at a number of places in the area - you might want to check your local Barnes & Noble store to see if he is scheduled.

sherm said...

The video was posted on or about Feb 26. Very good interview. Mr. Baker may come to St Louis later; he's not scheduled yet according to his webpage

Taneya said...

Brenda, I just bought this book tonight and blogged a little bit about it. It looks like a good book! He is scheduled to be in Nashville on March 7th,so I must try to go!