Sunday, August 9, 2009

DDD Census of 1880

There are several different kinds of census records available to the genealogical researcher. One often not used because it is not always easily accessible is the Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes census of 1880. This is an expensive census to own and local libraries usually do not have it in their collections.

The Defective, Dependent and Delinquent (DDD) census lists those persons who were insane, idiots, blind, deaf mutes, paupers or indigents in institutions, poorhouse, asylums and jail inmates during the year ending 31 May 1880. The listings in Kentucky are by district or town. For this article, I have listed the names in alphabetical order. The DDD census is available at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives; M1528, Roll 41 covers the counties of Adair through Jackson. Roll 42 covers the counties of Jefferson through Woodruff.

The following names appear on the Caldwell County list on Roll 41:

Allsbrook, Catherine
Atkinson, W.R.
Brelsford, Ivie
Buckner, Delia
Bumpass, Easter
Butt[?], Martha
Campleton, Julia
Cash, Martha
Childress, Henry
Clayton, Mary
Cossit, Jane
Daws, Mary
Ervin, Lucy Ann
French, William
Galusha, Eliza
Galusha, James
George, Wm.
Grogan, Frank
Hankins, Nancy
Harper, Harriet A.
Hendrix, James H.
Hollowell, Henry
Hunter, Charlotte
Isen, John
Luster, John
Mansfield, James
Morse, John
Parker, Martha C.
Phelps, Millie
Pierce, Arminta
Riley, James
Robinson, Julia
Rustin, Nathaniel
Scott, Lucy J.
Webb, Reuben
Wiley, J.W.
Wood, Wm.

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