Friday, August 7, 2009

Henderson Business Directory 1862

Anything that sheds light on the lives of our ancestors is a valuable resource. One way to determine what goods and services were available to our ancestors at a particular time is through advertisements in the local newspaper. A virtual “Business Directory” can be constructed through these advertisements.

The following “Business Directory” is taken from the Henderson Reporter in March 1862. Keep in mind that this was during the first year of the Civil War and goods and supplies were not yet in short supply.

H.F. Turner
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Main Street nearly opposite F.H. Hiller’s Bookstore

J.F. Clay
Attorney at Law
One door below Hillyer’s Bookstore, upstairs

S.B. Vance
Attorney at Law

Snyder & Long
Boot & Shoe Shop
Mill Street

N.H. Barnard (successor to W.H. Ladd)
Manufacturer & Dealer in Stoves, Crates, Hollow-ware, Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Ware

T.S. Schaeffer
Cheap Furniture
Main Street

John Reichert
Tobacco & Cigar Store
West Side Main Street

Henderson Reporter
Printing: Funeral notices, labels, invitations

T. Schaeffer
Wood and Metallic Coffins

Dr. W.M. Sharrard, Surgeon Dentist
Second story over Sharrard’s Jewelry Store

Lewis Zeller
Fashionable Shaving, Shampooing and Hair-Cutting Saloon
Main Street, two doors below Postoffice

George Hak
Merchant – Tailor, Dealer in Ready-Made Clothing
Mill Street

Prof. T.D. Adams, Ambrotype Artist
Gallery of Art

American House – J.H. Fulwiler, Proprietor
East Side Elm, between First and Second Streets

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