Thursday, August 5, 2010

Death of Moses Walden

Genealogy is where you find it and not necessarily where it should be. Such is the case with the following obituary, which appeared in a regular column titled "Colored Folks" in the Evansville, Indiana Courier on Friday, 18 July 1900.

"July 8 was one of the old colored men in Henderson County, Ky., in the person of Moses Walden, died at his home, on the Holloway plantation. The deceased was born Sept. 4, 1817, and was, therefore, 83 years old at the time. He was the last of those generations of old people that used to belong to the Holloways of Henderson County which had seen and felt the rigors of slavery. Mr. Walden was the father of Sergeant C.W. Walden, who is now in the United states Army in the Philippines. He was buried on the old homestead farm where all of his children were born. He was a member of the Free Will Baptist Church at Race Creek for sixty years in which he lived an upright life and died in the full triumph of Christian faith. His funeral services took place from Race Creek Baptist Church in the presence of a large congregation. His remains were laid to rest on the Holloway farm in Henderson County, Ky., where nearly all of the Holloway family, both white and colored, have been buried."

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