Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update on County Offices

Work has begun on the new county office building and library in Livingston County, Kentucky. The three-story building will be located on Court Street in Smithland, on the same lot where the Dunn-Grayot House was located, next to the old county courthouse.

The first floor will have offices of the Sheriff and County Clerk. The second floor will have offices for the Judge Executive, County Attorney, Child Support and PVA. The public library will be on the third floor.

The photographs were taken 19 July 2010.


villette1 said...

Brenda, does this mean they are not going to tear down the old courthouse?

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

There is a movement to save the old courthouse, but there is more to it than simply wanted it spared the wrecking ball. Apparently, there has to be a need & use for the courthouse voiced. Apparently, it is not enough to show the age of the building.