Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - John Berry Sr.

Memory of
John Berry
who died
Decr 28 1839
Aged 46 years & 10 mo.

Buried on a bluff overlooking Berry's Ferry on Hwy. 137 (Faulkner Road) in Livingston County, Kentucky. The tombstone is on the ground and broken into a number of pieces.  Photographed 27 August 2010 and submitted by Marty K. Hodge of Marion, Kentucky.

John Berry obtained a bond to marry Maria Hodge, daughter of Henry Hodge, 28 June 1815 in Livingston County. John Berry left a will, in which he named his wife and children. The will is recorded in Livingston County Will Book B, page 71.


CC said...

Is this the John Berry who ran the ferry and charged the Cherokees exorbitant fees to cross the Ohio river into Golconda, IL?

Marty said...

Yes this is the same John Berry that operated Berry's Ferry. He signed a government contract to ferry the Cherokees over the Ohio River. When the river froze over the Cherokees retreated to Mantle Rock where they wintered over in 1838/39 and several hundred perished from stavation and the bitter cold.