Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crittenden County Fair in 1936

The 2nd annual Crittenden County, Kentucky Fair was scheduled to begin on the 24th of September, 1936. Running three days, the last day (26 September) was designated as Homecoming Day for the entire county. It was held at Foster's Tobacco Warehouse on the northeast side of Marion, where there was plenty of room for exhibits and shelter from sun, rain and wind.

A catalogue on the fair was financed by advertisements from local merchants and those from adjoining counties. Listed in the catalogue were premiums for livestock, poultry and farm products, numerous entries in the women's department and the graded, independent and rural elementary school and high school department.

A special exhibit was given to county 4-H clubs and a baby show was featured on the closing day. There were also athletic contests and a horse show.

The largest department of the fair was the Farm Department, which consisted of dairy cattle, beef cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, mules, poultry, farm products, apples and dogs. The Women's Department was in charge of Mrs. W.L. Terry and Mrs. A.B. Griffin. This department was divided into fresh vegetables, food, and sewing. Mrs. Guy R. Lamb and Mrs. John C. Bellamy were in charge of the Baby Beauty Show and Dr. T.A. Frazer and Mrs. C.B. Springs were in charge of the Baby Clinic.

Due to a severe drought that summer, it was feared that the fair would have to be cancelled, but members of the executive committee decided that the fair should continue.

P.P. Paris was president and O.M. Shelby, county agent, was vice president of the fair association. The fair was sponsored by the civic clubs, schools of the county and city, and the farm bureau.

The fair has changed somewhat since 1936, but is still an important event to county residents.

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