Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Lost" 1803 Marriage Recovered

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Recently an original 1803 Livingston County, Kentucky marriage record appeared for sale on eBay. It was purchased and will be returned to the county clerk's office, from which it apparently disappeared many years ago. At least two compilations of Livingston County marriages have been published - one in 1992 and another about 1961. The following marriage did not appear in either publication.

This is to Licene and permit you to Join in the Matrimony
Agreeable to the forms and Customs and forms of the Society
you belong Robert Hays and Selah Rolston and this
Shall be your Authority for So doing Given under my hand at
the Court House this 24th day May 1803
Test. Enoch Prince C.L.C.


This is to Certify that Robert Hays and Sealah Rolston were this day Lawfully Married by me this May the 26th 1803. Jas. Lusk
Robt. Hays Marrige Lisene.

There are gaps in the early Livingston County marriage records and there may be other original records floating around. In 2003, several original records were recovered and returned to the courthouse. It is believed the recently-found record was with the 2003-recovered records as both batches had "Livingston Co, Ky" printed on them in the same handwriting. Folks, be on the lookout for any original courthouse records. If you see them, please help return them to where they belong.


PalmsRV said...

What a nice story -- a wayward document found its way home.

TC said...

Since I cannot travel to the area, what is the next best way to attempt to find out if my 3x Greats were married in the county? I am trying to find both of their parents and perhaps that may be of help

TC said...

What is the next best way to obtain information [possibly, hopefully!] from any marriage records within Livingston from 1790-1835?

3xG's John HOGAN b 1807-ish {in Clark Co it is said by a younger brother found, Adley b 1811} married Jane - Jennie? HOLDEN [Holder?] b 1811 in NCarolina, were in Crittenden Co during 1850, with many children, earliest known born 1833 - so not sure if they remained within Livingston/Clark Co until shortly before 1850 as I cannot find them any earlier, even though one woukld expect they were married by 1833 at the lates - I am hoping there will be some notation on John and Adleys birth parents as well

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

If you will contact me at, I might be able to help.