Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marriage Consent 1890

I collect unusual or poignant marriage consent notes. Some of my favorites are listed Here

Recently I came across a consent note that conjured up a mental image of a young lady who realized the solemnity of the occasion. On the 5th of April 1890, Newton Robinson, along with Rube Woodyard, his surety, obtained a marriage bond for Robinson to marry Eliza Wilson. The marriage bond can be found on page 375 of Marriage Bonds for Freedmen 1866-1896. Inserted in the bond book was a consent note which states the following:

"No 1 April the 5 ... 1890 Birdsville Kentucky. I Do Solenly Promise you Mr. N. Robinson that I Will be your Wife and also have my name called Eliza Robinson yours truely to my entended husband N. Robinson."

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Karen said...

How heartwarming... thanks for sharing it.