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Free Negroes - Livingston County, Kentucky 1852

It is not easy researching persons of color prior to the Civil War so I was delighted to find names of Free Negroes listed after the 1852 Livingston County , Kentucky Tax List on microfilm.  The first list of names is for those under age. All were listed as Mulattoes except for Elijah Howard, Mary Demery and Harriet Gordin. Amanda Marks is listed as age 22  and Harriett Gordin as 28.  If those ages are correct, they certainly were not minors.

Mary Jane Mitchell, age 3; Nancy Jane Dover, 5; Minta Howard, 11; Fedrick Howard, 15; Elijah Howard, 12; Amanda Marks, 22; Jane Hervey, 12; Lydia Henry, 7; Mary A. Bowls, 13; John J. Bowls, 9; Minerva Bowls, 8; George R. Bowls, 4; William E. Bowls, 6; Henry R. Bowls, 4; Thos. F. Bowls, 2; Lewis Harris, 16; Mary Demery, 10; Harriet Gordin, 28.

Of the following list, M  after the names signifies Mulatto and N signifies Negro.

Fitts William, N, age 45; Austin [no last name], N, 56; Hannah Davis, N, 65; Jacob Forbush, M, 48; Bazzel Jenkins, M, 18; Bazzel Jenkins, M, 39; James Jefferson, M, 25; Henry Ann [Ann Henry?], N, 55; Jane Botts, M, 65; William Bowls, N, 27; Lucinda Bowls, M, 28; Mary Betz, N, 30; Minta Jenkins, N, 39; John Dickenson, M, 34; Betty Densary M, 30; Lydia Howard, M, 47; Edmund McCawley, M; Henry Jenkins, M, 21; John Jenkins, N, 23; Levi Gordon, N, 52; Willis [no other name], N, 81; Blewford Moreland, M, 41; Mary Leech, M, 24; Barhaba Willis, M, 38; Emily Moreland, M, 26; Bob Smith, N, 68.

Property of  Negroes
Gordon, Levi  100 A. Town Creek, 300
Gordon, Levi  100 A. Cumberland R.
Moreland, Blewford  68 A. Ohio River
Davis, Hannah  85 A. Plumborchard Ck.
Furbush, Jacob
Furbush, Jacob
Jenkins, Bazzell
Dickenson, John

John Jameson, Blind, living on the waters of Deer Creek near Salem.
James Burgess, Deaf, Sandy Creek, Salem P.O.
Charles Bearden, Ohio River, Salem, P.O.

31 May 1852  Jas. L. Dallam

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