Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Steamboat Christmas Dinner Menu 1890

Lavish meals were served on steamboats in by-gone days and if you doubt it, just take a look at the menu for Christmas dinner on the steamer W.F. Nisbet in 1890. This menu appeared in the Evansville Press on Sunday, 26 April 1936. Personally I think the Baked Opossum could have been left off the menu.

Baked Red Snapper     Potatoes Croquette
Leg of Beef   Brown Gravy   Joint of Veal
Currant Jelly   Lamb   French Peas   Young Shoat
Applesauce   Baked Opossum   Sweet Potatoes
Poultry and Game
Young Turkey   Oyster Dressing   Cranberry Sauce
Wild Goose   German Dumplings
Fried Chicken   Maryland Style Quail on Toast
Delmonico Potatoes   Okra   New Asparagus
Baked Mashed Sweet Potatoes   Green Corn
Puree of Spinach in Cream
Fricassee of Sweet Breads   Baked Macaroni Cheese
Chicken   Lobster   Potato
New Onions   American Cheese   Green Olives
Steamed Apple Pudding   Frozen Sauce   Mince Pie
Cranberry Pie   Lemon Pie
English Cream    Charlotte Russe  Italian Cream
Macedonia Fruit   Wine Jelly   Pine Apple Cheese
Brandy Jelly SoufflĂ©  Peaches   Floating Island   Ice Cream
Assorted Cakes
Pound Cake  Lady Cake  Fruit Cake  Chocolate Lady Fingers  Jelly Cake
Jelly Roll  Sponge Drops   Coconut Macaroons   Egg Kisses   Brandy Snaps
Ice Cream Cake  Jenny Lind
Fruits, Etc.
Bananas   Oranges   Pine Apple  Mixed Nuts  Assorted Candy
Coffees, Teas, Etc.
Mocha and Java   Melson Chocolate   Green Teas   Sweet and Buttermilk
Indiana Lemonade   Tennessee Corn Dodgers
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