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Livingston County, Kentucky Guardians 1859

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was under the age of 21 years. At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian.  The sources are listed at the end of each entry. For example, L/485 refers to County Court Order Book L, page 485.

Jonathan R. Clements was appointed guardian of Francis U. Clements, infant heir of Jeremiah Clements.  29 Jan 1859. [L/485]

Dicey Malvina Jones, over the age of 14 and the infant heir of Alicey Jones, dec'd, selected R.F.P. Jones as her guardian.  3 Feb 1859.  [L/486]

Enoch Jones was appointed guardian for William and Samuel Evans, under the age of 14 years and the infants heirs of Nancy Evans, dec'd.  7 Feb 1859.  [L/489]

J.H. Alley was appointed guardian of Ann Eliza Alley.  4 Apr 1859 [L/497]

Julia Ann Nichols, infant heir of Needham Nichols dec'd, selected Isaac Rucker as her guardian. Isaac Rucker also appointed guardian of Lewis C. Nichols, Edney K. Nichols, Emily E. Nichols and Isaac W. Nichols, infant heirs of Needham Nichols dec'd, sd. infants being under the age of 14.  16 Apr 1859.  [L/498-499]

William David Ward, over the age 14 years, selected his father, P.P. Ward, as his guardian.  16 Apr 1859.  [L/499]

Angeline Brown, infant over 14 years of age, selected Levi Johnson as her guardian. 11 May 1859. [L/507]

On motion of Elizabeth Jones, heir of William A. Jones dec'd, Jonathan McCandless, her guardian was ruled to execute a new bond as her guardian.  2 Aug 1859.  [L/519]

Margaret Elizabeth Ferrell, over 14 years of age, selected George Ferrell as her guardian.  20 Aug 1859. [L/520]

Mary K. Buchanon and Harriet Buchanon, over the age of 14 and the infant heirs of John Buchanon, selected A.D. Vick as their guardian. A.D. Vick was appointed guardian to Jane Buchanon, Sarah Buchanon and John Buchanon, infant heirs of John Buchanon, sd. heirs being under the age of 14 years.  5 Sep 1859. [L/521]

Lydia Connor, over the age of 14, selected Thomas S. Leech as her guardian.  1 Oct 1859.  [L/525]

Mrs. Kitty Doyal was appointed guardian for Angelina Doyle, Elizabeth Doyle, William Doyle and James Dole, infants under the age of 14 and heirs of Washington Doyal dec'd. Mary Jane Doyal, over 14 years of age, selected Mrs. Kitty Doyal as her guardian.  13 Oct 1859.  [L/527]

Elizabeth Wooldridge, over age 14, chose her father, Edward Wooldridge, as her guardian. Edward Wooldridge was appointed guardian of his children, John Wooldridge, Martha Wooldridge and Louisa Wooldridge, all under the age of 14 years.  8 Nov 1859.  [L/532-533]

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