Friday, August 26, 2016

Progress is Being Made

During a recent visit to Smithland Cemetery in Livingston County, I was pleased to see that the tombstones of two members of the Barner family have been put back on their bases and look wonderful! 

As you may recall, I am partial to the Barner family and they have been the subject of several blog posts.  The monuments for Pattie and Mary E., daughters of Sterling M. and Sarah J. Barner, have been broken for many years and were on the ground.

Both of these young women died at the age of 20 when they were barely old enough to have sampled what the world had to offer.   Mary E. "Mollie," the older daughter, died 30 November 1862 at the age of 20 years, one month and eight days.  Pattie, who was estranged from her husband and had recently  given birth to a son, S.B. Taylor, died 12 May 1869 at the age of 20 years, nine months and 10 days.  Pattie and Mollie both died in Nashville and their remains were transported to Smithland for burial.

 I doubt that anyone knows when the first burial occurred here, but it was well before 1850. Of the historical places left in Smithland, the cemetery is one that is meaningful to many people. The  past whispers to us in the breeze from  the magnolia trees and in the epitaphs carved on the tombstones of those who lived here years ago.

The work being done to restore the monuments in Smithland Cemetery is important. If we don't take care of these reminders of our past, we will lose touch with who we were.  You can help with the restoration of this cemetery by sending a tax deductible donation  to Smithland Cemetery Fund, Smithland City Hall, 310 Wilson Avenue, Smithland, KY 42081.

Mary E. Barner 


Pattie Barner Taylor


Published 26 August  2016,  Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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