Thursday, March 28, 2019

Disqualified by Marriage

Recently I came across an item in the Livingston County, Kentucky court minutes that was new information to me.   Let me give you a little background information.  

In October 1901, Miss Linnie Crewdson was appointed administrator of the estate of her mother, Susan M. Crewdson. [1] She proceeded to have the estate inventoried and appraised and then she was relieved of her duties. 

What happened?  Did she not perform her duties properly?  Not at all.  It seems she got married. That's it.  Nothing more.  She got married.  The  explanation is found in the county court minutes: "By reason of marriage of Miss Linnie B. Crewdson since her appointment as administrator of the estate of Mrs. Susan M. Crewdson, which disqualified her of acting further."   When Linnie was appointed administrator, her securities on the bond were G.M. Wilson Jr. and T.H. Wilson Jr. [2]  Replacing Linnie as administrator of the Crewdson estate was G.M. Wilson Jr., who, by the way, was Linnie's new husband.

 Are you dizzy yet? 

[1] Livingston County Court Order Book S:626-627,  1 May 1902.
[2] Livingston County Court Order Book S:541,  16 Oct 1901.

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