Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marriage of Freedmen - Livingston County, Kentucky 1878

Recorded marriages of African American couples date from 1866 in Western Kentucky and are recorded separately from marriages of white couples. The following marriages are found in Livingston County Marriage Register for Freedmen 1866 - 1896, pages 50 - 53,  located in the county clerk's office, Smithland, Kentucky.

Byard Gardner and Lizzie Phillips were married 21 January 1878 by W.B. Presnell, JP at the residence of Frank Sanders.

Reuben Woodyard and Eliza Burgess were married 7 February 1878 by J.T. Robinson, JP at Hurvy Dunn's.

Wm. Webb and Eddie Watts were married 14 March 1878 by James Taylor at the M.E. Church.

Henry C. Mills and Lou Hughes were married 10 August 1878 by Dempsey Parker, minister, at John Crider's.

George Boyd and Mary Idella Hibbs were married 1 October 1878 by J.T. Boyd, JP at John Hibbs'.

Grandison Coffield and Mary Crawferd were married 13 Oct 1878 by Lank Grissom, B.M. at Sam Crawferd's.

Jefferson Lloyd and Margaret Angeline Stanley were married 1 December 1878 by U.P. Chesnut, JP at the residence of A.W. Chesnut.

Jeff Larkins and Francis Majors were married 19 December 1878 by Jas. Smith, minister, at the Narrows  in Livingston County.

Joshua C. Clark and George A. Swift were married 30 December 1878 by Rev. James Taylor, minister of the Gospel, at Adaline Swift's.


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