Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wrongfully Accused

A man's reputation has always been one of his most valued assets and when wrongly accused, an apology is in order.  The following deposition was found among Livingston County Circuit Court Miscellaneous Papers 1800-1820 (1805 session), Dept. for Libraries and Archives and proves that rash accusations were made years ago just as they are today. The additional value of this document lies in the placement of each person at a particular place and time.

"The Subscriber takes this method to inform the public that uppon a suspicion that he had lost a sum of money by theivery [sic] he had charged a certain Israel Harmon with the theft who now lives uppon hurricane creek but uppon finding the money contrary to expectation he declares said Israel Harmon to be entirely innocent of the theft and I the subscriber do profess to be extremely sorry for being so rash in the charge and am willing to make every acknowledgement  ... in order to prevent Harmons character from being injured by the charge which he is innocent of. [signed] Cornelius Merry. Witness: Stephen Sullivant, David Davidson."

Published 27 March 2011, Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog,

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