Sunday, March 6, 2011


I love statistics. I love seeing what works and what does not work. One way to do that with this blog is through the stats function, which shows how many times a blog post has been accessed. Keep in mind that not everyone searching is a genealogist, so some hits are instigated by people simply looking for information. The beauty of seeing the statistics is that I know what types of articles are of interest to people.

During the last month, the following posts have been the most popular:
1.  Tombstone Tuesday - Andrew Jackson
2.  Kentucky State Penitentiary
3.  Burning of the John L. Lowery
4.  Occupation of Smithland During the Civil War
5.  Reviving Genealogical Societies
6.  Smithland, Kentucky in 1835
7.  Removal of Livingston County Seat
8.  Smallpox Epidemic of 1899
9.  Civil War Loyalty Oath 1864
10.  Fearless Female - Harriet C. Wilson Bebout

If you have favorite blog posts - or ones that did not work for you at all, please let me know.

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