Thursday, September 22, 2011

Princeton Masonic Female College

In order to educate young ladies to become teachers, the Princeton Masonic Female College was incorporated in 1870 in Caldwell County, Kentucky. What set it apart from other female colleges is that it was open to all females, whether they could afford tuition or not.

It was designed to be "not only for the education of those who may be able to defray the expenses incident to obtaining an education, but to reduce the price of board and tuition, so as to bring the same nearer within the reach of all and to establish a normal department in which destitute young ladies can be furnished board and tuition free, in obtaining necessary qualifications to fit them for teachers ..."

According to Acts of Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Chapter 734, it was approved 15 March 1870.

Trustees of the college were Dr. P.B. McGoodwin, Milton Bird, D.D., Rev. Wm. Childers, Jas. C. Barnes, J.J. McLin, J.P. Rascoe, J.W. Blue, Jas. M. Dawson, R.H. Baker, Jas. H. Leech, F.W. Darby and J.B. Baker. The officers of the board of trustees consisted of a regent, president, secretary and treasurer and the executive committee (3 persons).

No record has been found that tells how long the college existed or where it was located.


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