Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bledsoe Family - Caldwell County, Kentucky

Proving that little jewels can be found in the most unusual places, the following entry was discovered in Caldwell County Court Order Book H, page 166, 18 December 1852.

"F.H. Hynes came into court and made oath that Sarah Bledsoe, widow of Wm. M. Bledsoe, a pensioner of the United States died in this county of Caldwell and state of Kentucky at the house of Samuel Hynes and that she left Emily J. Bledsoe her only surviving heir, who is now living in the County of Caldwell, a minor, all of which is ordered to be copied and certified to the proper Dept. in Washington City, that she may draw the pension and extra pay, to which her parents were entitled."

Benjamin H. Coone was appointed guardian of Emily J. Bledsoe, infant orphan under the age of 14 years of William M. Bledsoe, 15 November 1852. [Caldwell County Court Order Book H, page 163] A little research should determine the service on which the Bledsoes were entitled to a pension.

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