Friday, November 25, 2011

Civil War Letter from T.J. Flanary

Family letter written by Thomas J. Flanary of the 3rd Kentucky during the Civil War. Original letter in the possession of Nancy Weldon Hodge of Marion, Ky. Translation and footnotes provided by Marty K. Hodge, who retains copyright of this letter. Please do not copy without consent.

-Page 1-
Mr Wm Flanry
Camp Boon[i] ten Sept 11th 1861
dear sir I take the opportunity
of wrighting you a few lines
to let you no that I am
Stil here and well and hoping
you the same I don’t know yet
what us crittenden boys are a
going to do if capt meriwethers
gets his company which i expect
will be a cavelry company and if
the boys that come with me goes
in to it ishal goto we are furnished
a horse if we cannot get one
but if we get our horse we are alud

-Page 2-
twelve $ amonth and if he gets
and we don’t we alid pay for
him it don’t make much differenc
with me calvelry or in fantry
iexpect that the regiment will leav
in a bout too weeks if it don’t
leav in that time we will be in
a cavalry they have got to thouses
navyes for the cavalry it is
for one year the en listment
i rote you a letter the other day
not noing whether you would
receive it or not will wright you
a few more lines if we goin infantry
or cavalry iexpec we will go to padducah
general pillow[ii] with fifteen thousand
men is now on his march to
that plac when he gets there it
will be in his possession tell the
crittenden boys if they are coming
to this brigade it is time they
are coming tell henry cook

-Page 3-
that if he comes that he must
learn how to cook and if
any of the boys comes here to mind
how they can the oath that we take
it for three yrs or during the
war in the in fantry the [torn]
one year in the in fantry [torn]
are aloud forty days in [torn]
unless we are in battle some
of the men here are disheartened
a bout our pay but when our
officers gets there commission we
will be paid I have spent
a bout to dollars sine I have bin
here for nicknacks but that
is stoped for ther was no use of it
for we get plenty to eat her
James Vaughn is here he has had
the measles but is getting well
I would like to see you all
and per haps will shortly
So no more at present T.J Flanry


[i] Camp Boon was located near Clarksville Tennessee on the Tennessee-Kentucky
[ii] Brig. Gen. Gideon J. Pillow

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