Monday, November 7, 2011

Move Completed!

Last week I visited the County Clerk's Office in the brand new Livingston County Office Building in Smithland, Kentucky. I had been concerned about parking near the entrance, but there was no problem and parked right in front of the building.

There is no way to compare this new building to the old courthouse. The County Office Building is spacious, airy and convenient. The room (see above photo) containing the deeds, marriages, wills and other public records has several desks for the use and convenience of visitors. No more standing for hours while transcribing records!

While the new building has many conveniences, it does not have the character of the old courthouse. Every time I entered the courthouse, I felt history all around me. I just hope that both buildings can survive, side by side, for many years to come.

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by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG
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Linda McCauley said...

That sure looks different! Glad I had a chance to experience the old courthouse but having a place to sit does sound good.