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Caldwell County, Kentucky Guardians 1823 - 1824

Guardian appointments are recorded in two places in Caldwell County, Kentucky. They can be found as loose, original documents and also recorded in the county court order books. The following entries have been transcribed from the original documents in the county clerk's office of the Caldwell County courthouse in Princeton, Kentucky.

James Morse appointed guardian for William Cannon & Manley Cannon, heirs and infants of Kinson Cannon dec'd.    21 April 1823

Kinsay Robertson appointed guardian for Joel Leech, heir & infant of James P. Leech dec'd.   22 April 1823

James Armstrong appointed guardian for Polly Armstrong, heir and infant of Jacob Armstrong dec'd.   19 May 1823

Martin McKinney appointed guardian for Sarah Fowler, heir and infant of William Fowler dec'd.   20 May 1823

Elcey Miller appointed guardian to Ebenezer T. Miller aged 19 years the 26th of Feby next, Eliza W. Miller aged 17 years 26th Nov. last, Saml. Miller aged 15 years 3rd June next, John E. Miller aged 12 years 15th Feby. next, Polly R. Miller aged 11 years 13th Apl. next, Joseph M. Miller aged 8 years 25th Dec. last, Elkey C. Miller aged 6 years 4th Nov. last, Nancy Miller aged 3 years 12th Apl. last, orphans of Joseph Miller dec'd.  No date

Joel Lander appointed guardian for Nancy Wilson, Jones Wilson and Mary Ann Wilson, heirs & infants of John Wilson dec'd.   21 July 1823

George W. Frazer appointed guardian for Edward H. Fleece, heir & infant of Enoch H. Fleece.   18 August 1823

James Rucker appointed guardian for Joseph Tanner, heir & infant of John Tanner dec'd.  18 August 1823

Jonathan C. Langston appointed guardian for Sally Langston & Nathan Langston, heirs & infants of Mary Langston dec'd.  20 October 1823

Wm. Banister appointed guardian for Polly Newby & Patcy Newby, heirs and infants of Solomon Newby dec'd.   18 November 1823

George Darby appointed guardian for Wm. Alty[?] Darby, heir & infant of Danl. Darby.  18 November 1823.

Zachariah Matlock appointed guardian for the heirs of Redding Wolf dec'd.  17 January 1824

Joseph McCrosky appointed guardian for Eliza Rice, heir & infant of Benjamin Rice dec'd. Eliza is over 14 years of age and chose McCrosky as her guardian.  20 February 1824

Brooks Perkins appointed guardian for John Perkins, aged 17 years on 13 December next, heir & infant of Adam Perkins.  19 July 1824

Peter Fite appointed guardian for Mary Williamson, Lucinda Williamson, Columbus Williamson, Sarah Williamson, Margaret Williamson, Danl. B. Williamson, heirs & infants of Dawson Williamson dec'd. 16 August 1824

Samuel W. Johnson appointed guardian for Eloniza Johnson, heir & infant of Samuel Johnson. 18 October 1824.

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