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Establishment of Crittenden County

 Acts of The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, passed at the December Session, 1841 and published 1842, gives us the following information on the establishment of Crittenden County.

Chapter 97
"An Act to establish the County of Crittenden, and for other purposes.
Sec. 1  Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky,  That from and after the first day of April, in the year 1842, all that part of the county of Livingston within the following bounds, to-wit, beginning on the Ohio river at the mouth of Deer creek, thence on a straight line to Presley Gray's large spring, thence a direct line to Pucket's big spring, thence down the branch of sd. spring to Claylick creek, thence down sd. creek to Cumberland river, thence up Cumberland river to the mouth of Livingston creek, thence with the Caldwell county line to Tradewater river, thence down Tradewater river to its mouth, and thence down the Ohio river to the beginning, including all the islands in sd. river Ohio opposite to sd. boundary, shall be and the same is hereby, made and erected into a county to be known and called by the name of Crittenden."

Appointed commissioners to meet at the dwelling house of James Cruce and select the site of the new seat of justice were Thomas J. Flournoy of Caldwell County, Frederick D. Word of Hopkins County, Robert T. Leiper of Caldwell County and James Gholson of Christian County. The seat of justice was to be located not more than two and a half miles from the territorial center of the new county.

The county and circuit courts for Crittenden County were to be held at the house of Samuel Ashley until suitable public buildings could be erected. Ashley lived very near the current location of Crooked Creek Church, about one and a half miles from Marion.

Prior to the formation of the new county, this land was in Livingston County with its county seat being Salem. When Crittenden County was created, Salem was no longer located in the center of Livingston County so the county seat was changed.

"Sec. 7.  That from and after the first day of September next the seat of justice of Livingston county shall be at the town of Smithland in sd. county, and that the several Courts of sd. county shall be held at Salem, the present seat of justice for sd. county, until the first day of September next; after which time the several Courts for sd. county shall be held in the town of Smithland, in sd. county.

Approved, January 26, 1842"

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