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Crittenden Springs Hotel - Crittenden County, Kentucky

The above ad appeared in the Evansville, Indiana Journal-News Sunday, 18 August 1901

According to a little booklet on the hotel, the "Crittenden Springs is located four and a half miles from Marion, Kentucky, on the Illinois Central Railroad. Conveyances with good careful drivers, meet all trains to carry guests to "The Springs." Crittenden Springs is also seven miles from Tolu Landing, on the Ohio River and a good hack line makes daily trips from Tolu to Crittenden.

The hotel, which contains about 125 rooms, is situated upon a high mound at the foot of a large mountain and is surrounded by a beautiful grove. The building, which is a modern structure, has long covered verandas, and every window commands a splendid view. The hotel is fitted with the modern conveniences, such as electric bells, etc, and has recently been repainted and renovated. No trouble will be spared to make guests comfortable."

Miscellaneous Information:
Double daily mail to and from hotel.
Baths of mineral or fresh water, either hot or cold, at all times.
The finest frog shooting in the world found at Crittenden.

Crittenden Springs was very popular during the last years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th century. The Lexington Herald carried the following notice on 1 April 1914: "The wrecking of the old Crittenden Springs Hotel at Marion, well known by Southerners during the ante-bellum days, has commenced."

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