Thursday, March 29, 2018

Release of Services 1834

A Release of Services usually occurred when a teenage son was released from the control and direction of his father.  This was the situation  in 1834 when James F. Clemons [Clemens] was released from the control and authority of his father, Gersham Clemons [Clemens]. This document is recorded in Livingston County, Kentucky  Deed Book DD, p. 85.  For more information on this type of document, read  Emancipation or Manumission and  Deed of Release of Services

"Know all men by these presents that I Grisham Clemons of Livingston County Kentucky  Father of James F. Clemons aged about 17 or 18 years have ever since the year 1832 in the month of June I think permitted my said Son to trade & work for his own Benefit and I do hereby disclaim any right or authority I have, or wright, to control said Boy or any right I might have to his Services  that said Boy is free from my control or interference that he is now and has been since June 1832 and from henceforth is his own man & free from my Authority  my reason of this is that I am unable to give him any thing for his services now and probably will not be Better [illegible]  able when he is twenty one . Therefore I am prompted  to do this as an act of Justice to my said son.    Witness my hand & seal this  4th day of January 1834.        [signed] Gersham Clemons.

Kentucky  Livingston County Sct
I James L. Dallam clerk of the county court for the county and state aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing release of services from Gersham Clemons to James F. Clemons was on this day produced to me in my said office and acknowledged by the said Gersham to be his act & deed Had & seal and ordered to be recorded whereupon I have verily recorded the same and this certificate this 4th day of January 1834.  [signed] James L. Dallam"

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Lemuel said...

Thank you for explaining these documents and for transcribing them. They are fascinating!

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

And thank you for reading my blog.

Sue F. said...

It amazes me that his father didn't even know how old his son was.

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

If the father was aged, his memory might not be very clear. Otherwise, it seems reasonable he would know his son's age.