Sunday, June 3, 2018

Flash From the Past

Recently I received a flash from the past in the form of a notebook containing my first attempts at genealogical research. Only a few pages remain and the first few pages contain monthly reminders on planting flowers and caring for flower beds. In the back of the notebook is a list of books I thought might be helpful in researching the Jerome family.  Another page contains a rough pedigree chart showing the descendants of Timothy Jerome.  Included in this chart is Jennie Jerome (born 1854), who married Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill, who were the parents of Winston Churchill.

The pages are yellowed, but the writing is still distinct.  There are two dates given - April 25, 1968 and May 2, 1969 - but what these dates mean is a mystery. I have always thought my research began seriously in 1969, but maybe it was actually 1968. Another mystery is this statement: "Mrs. John Sloane of N.Y. City has possession of Jerome family Bible & family scrapbook."  Hmmm. Wonder if she still has it.

First research notebook
ca 1969

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