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Crittenden County, Kentucky Guardian Appointments 1872

A guardian was appointed when a person was unable to act for himself or was a minor (under the age of 21 years). The parents may or may not have been living. At the age of 14, a minor could choose his own guardian. If under the age of 14, the county court appointed the guardian. The following records were abstracted from Crittenden County, Kentucky Guardian Bond Book 1871 - 1877.

M. Bristow appointed guardian to Sarah B. Lowey. Sureties: F.M. Wood, R.W. Taylor.  8 Jan 1872

Levi Tant appointed guardian to Jonathan Hall. Sureties: N.R. Black, S.M.  Hall.  20 Jan 1872

John J.  Hughes Junr. appointed guardian to Miss Frances Catharine Allison. Surety: James C. Mayes.  3 Feb 1872

T.J. Nunn appointed guardian to Miss Eddie M. Hodge. Surety: John Nunn.  12 Feb 1872

Thos. M. Hardy appointed guardian to William Hardy. Sureties: John Childress, E.H. Taylor, James B. Hardy.  23 Feb 1872

J.L. Hardy appointed guardian to Sarah Pucket & Mary Pucket. Sureties: John Childress, E.H. Taylor, James B. Hardy.  23 Feb 1872

Mrs. M.J. Dollins appointed guardian to S.B. Dollins, T.W. Dollins, N.S. Dollins, C.A. Dollins & R.E. Dollins. Sureties: D. Woods, J.E. Rice.  2 Mar 1872

Samuel C. Bennett appointed guardian to Sarah Jane Wheeler. Sureties: G.L. Boaz. 11 Mar 1872

David Vaughn appointed guardian to Sarah Elizabeth Myers. Sureties: Reuben Riley, B.V. Corn. 1 Apr 1872

Lee Davidson appointed guardian to Ada E. Davidson. Surety: J.A. Davidson.  8 Apr 1872

John N. Woods appointed guardian to Martha Emaline Dollar. Surety: T.J. Cameron. 13 Apr 1872

W.C. Pickering appointed guardian to Elmyra and Gusa Baker. Sureties: J.A. Davidson, Johnathan Polk.  8 Apr 1872  "I as the mother of Elmyra and Gusa Baker both of whom are under 14 years old and their father being dead, do wave any and all right I may  have to become their Statutory Guardian and doth respectfully request the Crittenden County Court to appoint and qualify W.C. Pickering Esq  Guardian for my said children and said children reside in Crittenden County ..." - Mar 1872. [signed] Nancy (X her mark) Turley.[1]

R.E. Bigham appointed guardian to Daniel Bigham, W.L. Bigham, Bettie Bigham & Nannie Bigham. Sureties: D. Woods, J.A. Caldwell.  6 Jun 1872  "To D.W. Carter Judge of the Crittenden County   I Lavinia E. Bigham Mother of Nannie Bigham daughter of R.L. Bigham dec'd hereby relinquish my right to qualify as her guardian and request your Honor to appoint my Son R.E. Bigham." [signed] Lavinia  E. Bigham. Att: W.L. Bigham.  "To D.W. Carter ... I Bettie Bigham one of the heirs of R.L. Bigham dec'd  who is over the age of fourteen years hereby request your Honor to appoint my Brother R.E. Bigham as my guardian." [signed] Bettie Bigham. Att: W.L. Bigham. 

Robert A. Love appointed guardian to Salina Simms Love. Surety: James L. Love. 19 Aug 1872

J.W. Cook appointed guardian to Martha Pickering & Louisa Pickering. Surety: James H. Travis.  8 Jul 1872

Narcissus Robertson appointed guardian to Sarah Isabelle Robertson. Surety: T.S.C. Asher. 9 Sep 1872

James Tabor appointed guardian to Jas. A. Tabor's heirs - viz  William Isaac & Laura Ann Tabor. Surety: H.W. Oliver.  14 Oct 1872

J.W. Blue appointed guardian to Thomas L. Wade. Surety: W.A. Parfitt. 19 Nov 1872

John A. Yandell appointed guardian to Frances M. Oliver. Surety: T.C. Campbell  9 Dec 1872

John M. Farley appointed guardian to Mary L. Clark. Surety: Wm. L. Farley.  10 Dec 1872

[1] Brenda Joyce Jerome. Crittenden County, Kentucky Marriage Records 1866-1886, (Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery, 1991) 38. Phillip Turley married Nancy Baker 25 Feb 1871. Both of color.

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