Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nichols School Census 1900 - Caldwell County, Kentucky

Of the western Kentucky counties in which I research, all have school census records dating back to the late 1890s. Lyon County is fortunate in that their school census records go back even earlier to 1885. These records are in the form of loose papers (Crittenden, Caldwell and Lyon counties) or bound volumes (Livingston County) and are located either in the county clerk’s office or in the school board office. The following record for Nichols School was located in the school board office, Princeton, Kentucky.

The following format is used: Name of parent or guardian, names of children between the ages of 6 and 20 (even married children), birthdates of children and address of the family.

J.W. Sell, parent/guardian of Porter M. Sell born 26 December 1890 and William E. Sell born 11 May 1892. Dulaney

R.H. Craig, parent/guardian of Mary E. Craig born 2 May 1861, John N. Craig born 1 August 1883, Ruth Craig born 28 April 1886, Annie E. Craig born 5 February 1891 and R. Frank Craig born 8 September 1893. Princeton.

J.S. Martin, parent/guardian of Fred Martin born 10 April 1886 and N. Nellie Martin born 5 February 1891. Princeton.

H.G. Cash, parent/guardian of Gladys Cash born 19 May 1893. Dulaney.

T.L. Cash, parent/guardian of Helon Cash born 17 April 1883, Tommie Cash born 3 July 1886, Sudie Cash born 23 July 1889 and Katie Cash born 6 May 1893. Dulaney.

N.M. Sell, parent/guardian of Robert B. Sell born 15 May 1886 and Roy C. Sell born 27 April 1893. Princeton.

J.T. Beck, parent/guardian of Laura Beck born 24 May 1881, Herbert S. Beck born 7 October 1882, J. Walton Beck born 29 Aug 1884, L. Clinton Beck born 15 December 1886, Bessie Beck born 18 April 1889, William R. Beck born 31 January 1892 and James T. Beck born 7 February 1894. Princeton.

S.J. Rucker, parent/guardian of Clyda J. Rucker born 5 December 1889 . Princeton.

Jas. C. Wheatly, parent/guardian of Cora L. Wheatly born 22 December 1883. Princeton.

Eli Nichols, parent/guardian of Gertrude Nichols born 3 November 1882, Nannie Nichols born 5 October 1884, Birdie Nichols born 19 October 1888, Myrtle Nichols born 15 September 1893 and Leonard Hubbard born 27 May 1884. Princeton.

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