Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tombstone Tuesday - Bostick Child

Henry Ritter
Ema Ritter
Dema Ritter
Sweet Potatoe
Caroline Bostick
Daughter of
Bob & Suckey Catlen
Born at Social Circle
Died at Wetumka 1852

From 1997 to 1999, I published the Bostick OnLine Newsletter. In the November 1997 issue, I mentioned a 1935 North Carolina newspaper clipping showing the tombstone of a muchly-named child in Alabama. No one had any additional information on this child or the tombstone. Imagine my delight when I received an email and the above picture from Harvey N. Clapp of Selma, Alabama a few days ago. He stated that the tombstone had been on the property of his wife's family in the woods near the intersection of Jasmine Hill Road and Old Montgomery Highway in Wetumpka, Alabama, but unfortunately, the tombstone had been stolen sometime in the past 25 years. A Massachussetts newspaper had carried an article on the tombstone and stated it was for an African-American child.

Thanks to Mr. Clapp for sharing this tombstone picture. While this is not a tombstone in western Kentucky, it was just too good not to share. If anyone has additional information on the child or the tombstone, please let me know.


Ellen D said...

This tombstone is still in Wetumpka, AL. It still exists but is not on the childs grave anymore! I hope they remarked her grave. One of the land owners tells the story (passed down to him) of this young girl and that she was beloved by everyone!

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

Thank you so much for the update on this interesting tombstone!

Carolyn MJW said...

Where is the tombstone now? You say it is not on the grave. Can it be seen by the public? Thanks.

Brenda Joyce Jerome said...

You might want to contact Ellen D., who left the first comment, to find out the location.