Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dycusburg Masonic Lodge No. 232 in 1864

List of the Members of Dycusburg Lodge No. 232
J.M. Klapp
W.W. Stewart
J.A. Yandel
N.B. Hayward
S.H. Cassidy
T. Vosier
P. Grasham
J.H. Bishop
E. Donnly
W.B. Milican
W.T. Perkins
Geo. W. Travis
Wm. Redd
R.M. Johnson
J.T. Gordon
A.H. Morris
D.B. Cassidy
R.H. Brown
J.H. Clifton
Wm. H. Rushing
A.P. Crider
D.P. Campbell
R.S. Shelby
G.W. Hall
J.W. Bettis
A.M. Wray
J.B. Stephenson
Silas Davis

The above list is from a book of members dating from 1864 and goes through 1873. This page is provided by Matthew T. Patton at

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