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Smithland Lodge No. 138 in 1858

Smithland Lodge, No. 138, at Smithland, Ky.
Received a Dispensation prior to August, 1844. Chartered August 1844, John P. Bryan being first Master. Reports 40 in 1858, but only 39 members listed. List courtesy of Marty Hodge.

1. Beverly, W.
2. Boyers, J.S.
3. Burgress, J.L
4. Cade, J.W.
5. Coleman, R.W.
6. Croker, Thos.
7. Davis S.N.
8. Egan, B.F.
9. Ellis, Jas.
10. Ferguson, R.G.
11. Fowler, Jas. H.
12. Given, H.F.
13. Gooch, J.C.
14. Guthrie, J.C.
15. Haynes, E.P.
16. Haydock, R.M.
17. Haydock, Theo
18. Hamelton, Jas
19. Hagey, G.W.
20. Harrison, Rob
21. Johnson, John M.
22. Jones, Jno. H.
23. Layman, J.M.
24. Lackey, Thos.
25. Lackey, Wm.
26. Leech, J.C
27. Leffler, John S.
28. Love, J.C.
29. Martin, Jno. A.
30. McCarter, John
31. McKee, Jno. W.
32. Noe, R.
33. Scyster, J.V.
34. Singleton, JW.
35. Thomas, Edwin
36. Thrift, J.W.
37. Wheeler, W.P.
38. Williamson, G.D.
39. Wooldridge, Ed

Washington Beverly (ca 1810 - February/March 1871) was the police judge of Smithland. He married Cassander McCawley and they had James M., Sarah A., Henry H., Rody Lake, Mary Ellen and Martha Washington.

B.F. Egan (Benjamin F. Egan, born ca 1827 in Kentucky) was a nephew of Benjamin and Sterling M. Barner of Smithland. He married Nettie Miller 15 May 1856 Davidson County, Tennessee and had Frank and Kittie/Kate Egan. He was the owner, along with Capt. Joshua V. Troop, of the Lexington, a sidewheel wooden hull packet.

Theo Haydock was the son of Joseph Haydock (1800-1835) and Maria Ferguson (1806-1834). He is listed as an heir of Joseph Haydock in Livingston County Court Order Book H, 9 June 1838. Theodore Haydock was enumerated on the 1860 McCracken County, Kentucky census in the household of R.M. and Elizabeth Haydock. The Haydock family came from Union County, New Jersey.

G.D. Williamson, having married Mina McCawley 15 August 1850, was the son-in-law of James McCawley, one of the earliest settlers of Smithland.

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