Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tombstone Tuesday - John E. Wilson

John E. Wilson
Nov. 2, 1853
About 73 Years

Daut. of
John E. & Nancy
Mar. 18, 1843
Aug. 7, 1852

Buried at Crooked Creek Cemetery, Crittenden County, Kentucky. The last line of the inscription is now below ground. This tombstone has become badly stained by the elements in the past few years. Many tombstones display a hand with the finger pointing upward, signifying "Gone to Heaven." It is of interest that on this tombstone, the finger points sideways. Does that mean "Gone Thataway?"

John E. Wilson, my ancestor, was born in North Carolina and probably came to what is today Crittenden County with his first father in law, Hugh McVay, by 1816. Born to the first marriage with Miss McVay were Manerva, Claibourn, Martha/Patsy and Letty Keziah. Following the death of his wife, Wilson married Harriett Brooks, daughter of Dabney Brooks, 11 November 1816 Livingston County, Kentucky. Born to this union were Mary P., Eleanor Brooks, Harriet Cassander (my line), Franky and Sarah. Harriett Brooks Wilson died circa 1830 and John E. Wilson, in 1831, married Nancy Franks, daughter of John and Juda (Brown) Franks, who left Laurens County, South Carolina to settle first in Smith County, Tennessee and later in Livingston County ca 1830.

John E. Wilson and Nancy Franks had three children: Pernesia, Sarah (named for her sister who had died shortly before the second Sarah [above] was born) and Claibourn (named for his brother, Rev. Claibourn, who had died the year of the younger Claibourn's birth).


Joyce Halvorsen said...

Excellent photo and information. I would like to request the use of the bio information and photo of John E Wilson's tombstone which you have posted. I will be placing it, with your permission, on ancestry.com - with public view. I will not be selling the information at any time. My files are set up for public use, however, and I cannot predict or control what others have done or will do. I did see that this photo has been used by others in the past on ancestry.com The information is of value to my hubands side of the family - he is related to the McVay and Chandler family. I've been researching the family line for him and for a McVay cousin. Thank you. Please e-mail me at tomjoy9@comcast.net

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Thank you very much for asking for permission to use the photo and bio of John E. Wilson. Please check your email.