Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dycusburg Masonic Lodge No. 232 in 1858

The following has been contributed by Marty Hodge of Crittenden County, Kentucky.

Dycusburg Lodge, No. 232, at Dycusburg, Ky. Received a Dispensation prior to August, 1851; renewed August, 1851. Chartered August, 1852; Wm. Redd being first Master. Reports nineteen members in 1858.*

1858 Members
1. Bacon, Gilly M.
2. Bishop, James M.
3. Cassidy, Daniel B.
4. Cassidy, Howard
5. Cassidy, Samuel H.
6. Cobb, Thos. J.
7. Dunn, A.F.
8. Eades, Rev. Wm. R.
9. Gordon, John F.
10. Hall, Geo. W.
11. Johnson, Rich M.
12. Light, Rev. Sam
13. Marshall, Geo. M.
14. Moore, David D.
15. Munnion, Joseph
16. Paul, Rev. Tim S.
17. Randle, Henry P.
18. Redd, Wm. Jr.
19. Travis, Wilson

* Morris, Robert. The History of Freemasonry in Kentucky, in its relation to the symbolic degrees. To which are added, in the form of notes and brief historical abstracts, an American masonic bibliography. Louisville: 1858.

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