Sunday, December 14, 2008

Henderson Area News 1896

Items from the local newspapers can help "flesh out" our stock of knowledge of our ancestors. Hoping to entice more readers, the editors made sure these old papers were full of names and events, not only of the county in which the newspapers were located, but also the surrounding area. The following items can be found under Local Items in the Henderson, Kentucky Twice-A-Week Gleaner of Monday, 13 October 1896.

At a regular meeting of the board of commissioners for the Western Kentucky asylum for the insane held Wednesday, Miss Lula Nell, a daughter of the late Senator Nell, who resigned his position and accepted the place as warden of the Frankfort penitentiary, and who died a few weeks since, was sworn in as matron of the institution, in the place of Miss Laura Cromwell, who recently resigned.

Enoch Potts was killed several days ago near Pinkneyville, Crittenden county, by a falling tree. He was cutting the tree down and was struck by it as it fell. His skull was crushed in a horrible manner.

Jacob Zimbro Jr. won the bicycle roadrace from this city to Robards. The premium was $20. The quarter mile race at Robards was won by Willie Wigal, premium $5.

Lynn Hodge and Chas. Shelby, the two last of the four negroes who murdered Cliff Pippin, in Livingston county, were given 15 years each in the penitentiary last Saturday. Hodge was tried and given 15 years, and Shelby, whose case had been continued, pled guilty and was given 15 years also.

Dr. G.W. Campbell, of Dixon, passed through the city enroute to St. Vincent, where his daughter is attending school.

Cicero Slaughter is having a first class canopy top wagon made at Delger's buggy factory to carry Slaughter Bros. musical show to the South this winter.

Richard Patterson and Mrs. Sarah Oldham were married yesterday at the residence of Mrs. Polly Rapler. The ceremony was performed by Esq. J.H. Connaway, of Hebbardsville.

Today invitations will be issued to the marriage of Miss Bettie Eakins and Mr. George D. Givens, a rising young lawyer of this city. The prospective bride is the daughter of Mr. J.Wm. Eakins. The wedding will take place on the afternoon of Tues., October 20th.

Col. A.S. Winstead has received from his daughter a rabbit's foot, the rabbit having been killed in a graveyard on Friday at midnight on the 13th day of the month, by a bow-legged, one-eyed man. The foot now hangs from the fob-chain of the Col.'s watch and makes his future one of safety.

Barney McDermont, 65, died yesterday at the residence of Mr. Conns on First street, his ailment being malarial fever. He was a typical representative of the "Ould Sod" and a faithful friend. He came here direct from Ireland about 1856. Interment in St. Louis cemetery.

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